Photo Recovery from Mac

Mac is an Operating System manufactured by Apple. It is installed in both Intel and Power PC Mac hardware platforms. All Apple products like i-Pod shuffle, i-shuffle, i-Pod classic,i-Mac, etc use the Mac Operating System. Mac is preferred over other OSs because it is faster, better in terms of performance and data security etc. The Mac Operating System has different versions like 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.7 and more. Mac works on file systems based on HFS+ and HFS X.

Mac OS X is the upgraded latest version OS, developed and manufactured by Apple Inc. Mac OS X is the tenth version of Mac OS in which “X” is referred to the Roman number 10. Mac OS X is a graphical interface operating system based on UNIX. iOS that is used on Apple products like Apple i-Pod, shuffle and iPod nano are basis of Mac OS X. Mac OS X is faster, the interface and look of this OS is different when compared to Mac OS 9. To perform recovery of photos on Windows 7 visit this link. Mac machines are designed precisely inside out to give better performances and function with better standards. The powerful Mac OS X is the first choice for designers and graphIc editors In case photos are deleted or lost, Mac OS X image recovery tool can be used. The Digital Camera Photo Recovery is the best Mac photo recovery application. You can utilize this tool to recover deleted photos from Kodak EasyShare, Sony CyberShot, Nikon d700, Canon and lot more brands of digital camera.

The following are some photo loss scenarios from Mac OS X:

In such situations, recover photos from Canon Power Shot can be done & you can get an idea of the recovery process by clicking here.

You can follow the given precautions to avoid deletion of pictures from Mac OS X:

The following are a few steps to attain Mac OS X photo recovery:

Mac OS X photo recovery- Main Screen
Fig.1 Main screen

Mac OS X photo recovery - Select Memory card
Fig.2 Select the memory card option

Mac OS X photo recovery - Open Recovery Session
Fig.3 Open Recovery Session

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